575th Transportation Company (Lt Truck)

1962 - 1964

My name is Cumberland A. Warden. As a short biography, I left the U.S. Air Force as a Staff Sergeant, after four years service, in February 1954. In May of 1960 I enlisted in the U.S. Army as a Private; graduated from Artillery OCS in June 1961; and after completing the Transportation Basic Course arrived at my first duty assignment as a 2d Lt. in the 575th Trans. Co. in October 1961.
As an historical note, when I arrived the Commander, CPT William Blaker, told me that the company had just been reorganized from the 574th Quartermaster Co. That is why we still had two Quartermaster Branch officers: 1LTs Lodge and Johnson. They both finished their tours in 1962. I don`t remember any explanation why we were organized with only one platoon of tactical trucks and responsibility for operating the post administrative motor pool which serviced the headquarters with sedans, post administrative sections with trucks, and schools with busses. And if the Command went on a tactical footing, we were to set up and operate the forward support group.
All of the pictures taken here were taken by me, except those in which I appear. Feel free to download any or all that you want. After you have seen the pictures on these pages, be sure to visit the official 575th Alumni website.

President Kennedy Memorial, Nov 1963.

The Italian Army loaned us the three 105mm Howitzers for our use in the memorial ceremony for the assassination of JFK.

Winter 1963

The Motor Pool

The sphinx was built across the street from our motor pool compliments of the 560th Signal Bn.


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SGT McReynold's Promotion Party (I think) it is definitely a party!!!

Another Party

Motor Pool Inspection


Italian Civilian mechanics, clerks, drivers


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